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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Cronwell Legacy Review-By Boggleman

Place of Origin-Britain U.K
Setting-all Sims3 worlds.
Creation date-Apr. 2011
The Cronwell Legacy is an enlightening story of a family past down by generation to generation that is now in Gen. 4 the "Hier,"  Riley Cronwell, is a 22 year old boy searching for fame in the "World Renowned" Starlight Shores, and is seeking rich and happiness from other people, he has a fiance and a newborn girl named jade, I suggest reading this legacy from the first Gen.down, it has a superb story-line and is one of the best legacies i have ever read.
I wish ENTELLIGENT should try to slow down the story because Gen. 5 is close!

        This story is a really thought-out hardcore great story for young/ adult readers. the story as i said is superb, i think it helps you understand more when you have pictures, what the story has! 

click  Here to read ,The Cronwell Legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!